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Gearing up for Grunwald

Friday, 16 August, 2019

Ash Grunwald will play Dunsborough in January.THE Mail had a chat to Ash Grunwald while he was in the process of recording in studio for his seventh album.
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Taking a short break from his recording session, Grunwald picked up the phone to be immediately asked about whether or not he felt there was added pressure to his new album due to the outstanding success of his last few.

“There’s pressure in my process, I tell you that,” Grunwald said.

He went on to recount how making a new album was like a double edged sword when it was based on past work, as the bar is raised for his expectations of himself and his music.

“You never want to go backwards.” Grunwald said.

“I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said this has got to be the best album I’ve ever made.”

With time passing and no signs of slowing down, Grunwald said it was funny to reflect back on how ones career progresses.

“How can you stop that clock and in a lot of ways, why would you want to?”

A symbol of his career according to Grunwald is the size of his merchandise table, with his first gig having one CD for sale.

“My merch table is now full,” Grunwald said.

“I remember doing a support for Jeff Lang thinking I would be so proud to have a variety of albums like his,

“I would love to keep the creative fire burning to have that happen,

“Keep restless creatively.”

The opportunities music has provided Grunwald have not gone unnoticed, particularly in terms of having his family along for the ride.

“I didn’t have a stamp in my passport until I started touring,” Grunwald said.

His young daughter however has already seen a lot of the world with many stamps to her name, thanks to the success of Grunwald’s career.

Grunwald also said he couldn’t wait to see how the memories of these trips would work for his daughter, as from the four or five photos he had from childhood trips, the youth of today had thousands of photos at the touch of their fingertips.

Grunwald went on to say that the things that excited him the most about his musical career were the things that he didn’t see coming.

“Music is very funny on your ego,” Grunwald said.

When my song got on Limitless, I was shocked and that was amazing.”

Grunwald is also no stranger to the waves of the South West, being a keen surfer for the most of his life.

“It’s a strange Hawaii,” Grunwald said.

“The waves are massive.”

Grunwald once spent two weeks surfing in Prevelly, riding six to 10 foot waves where he felt the more he conquered the waves routinely, the greater sized waves he could achieve.

“You get conditioned,” Grunwald said.

Grunwald will play on January 11 at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough.

Tickets are available online through the venue.

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Orange’s Wilson appointed 2015 Netball World Cup ambassador

Friday, 16 August, 2019

TALKING POINT: Orange’s Peter Wilson has been appointed our local ambassador for the 2015 Netball World Cup. Photo: MICHELLE COOK 1124mcpeter1PETER Wilson will be Orange’s link to the 2015 Netball World Cup.
Nanjing Night Net

The Orange Netball Association registrar has been awarded the position of World Cup ambassador for Orange for next year’s major event.

Wilson was told of his selection on Friday and he couldn’t be happier.

“I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. I got an email on Friday saying they’d chosen me to be the Orange ambassador,” Wilson explained.

“I’m pretty chuffed. It’s great for Australia and NSW to have the World Cup on our doorstep. I just thought it was a good opportunity.”

He is still to be told of the finer details of his role, but said it is expected to officially start in February next year.

“My understanding is we have to promote the World Cup in our local area, not only to the netball community but to others as well. We need to keep people up to date with what’s happening,” he said.

Wilson said his passion for netball made him apply for the position.

“It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around too often,” he said.

“I figure you only get out of it what you put in.”

Wilson has actually been assigned two World Cup positions.

He and wife Sally, a long-standing representative coach in Orange netball, have been offered positions as volunteers.

“So I think the ambassador role will be in the lead-up and then we’ll head off to Sydney to work down there,” Peter explained.

“We’ve been to Netball NSW meetings in Sydney and there have been discussions about the last World Cup which was in Australia in about 1991. Some of the people at those meetings were volunteers then and said it was wonderful.”

The 2015 Netball World Cup will run from August 7-16 in Sydney and feature 16 teams including hosts Australia.

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Intersection named Esperance’s most dangerous

Friday, 16 August, 2019

Risky road: The intersection of Pink Lake Road and Harbour Road has been labelled the most dangerous in Esperance.THE difficulty in crossing Harbour Road to get to Pink Lake Road is just one of the reasons the intersection has been labelled Esperance’s most dangerous road.
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According to a survey into Western Australia’s riskiest roads, the intersection of Pink Lake Road and Harbour Road has been named as the area’s most dangerous but many people have now questioned whether it is the roads or the drivers that are to blame for making the roads unsafe.

The RAC released its results from its 2014 Risky Roads campaign, which identifies the community’s views on the state’s most dangerous regional roads.

According to the risky roads survey results the reason the intersection was named the most dangerous was because of the difficulty in crossing Harbour Road to get to Pink Lake Road and the difficulty in joining high speed traffic.

Traffic lights were suggested as a way to improve safety at the intersection, according to the results.

However, the site was just one of many that Esperance residents deemed as dangerous.

The Esperance Express asked readers which roads or intersections were the most dangerous in Esperance and out of the 33 responses that were received, seven highlighted the Pink Lake and Harbour Road intersection as Esperance’s most dangerous.

Other dangerous spots raised by members of the public included Easton Road due to the lack of street lighting, Smith Street because of the no right turn, Mungan Street and Harbour Road due to fences blocking drivers’ sight lines in both directions, Arthur Street at the roundabout end because no one stopped to give way and the top of Arthur Street and Easton Road because drivers couldn’t see the vehicles entering the roundabout due to a hedge which blocks the view of drivers.

But some locals questioned whether there were any unsafe roads at all.

“Is it the roads or the drivers that are the problem?” one Facebook user wrote while another said “I haven’t seen any unsafe roads, just unsafe drivers”.

Police agreed.

Senior Sergeant Richard Moore did not think traffic lights would alleviate the problem and said drivers needed to follow the road rules, drive to the conditions and be patient.

Snr Sgt Moore said police had seen, on many occasions, drivers failing to come to a halt at stop signs at the intersection and he believed drivers would continue to flout the road rules even if traffic lights were introduced.

He said whether it was give way or stop signs or traffic lights, some drivers would ignore the warnings.

“We know that people don’t stop at stop signs,” Snr Sgt Moore said.

Meanwhile, Snr Sgt Moore warned drivers flouting the road rules would be caught and would be issued with infringement notices from police.

Do you think this is the most dangerous road in Esperance? Do you think traffic lights are the answer? Let us know. Comment below or email [email protected]南京夜网.au

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Tony Abbott’s ABC cuts just another backflip

Friday, 16 August, 2019

This past week there have been two glaring examples of the Abbott government going back on its word.
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The first was a clear broken election promise not to cut ABC and SBS funding, which, very damaging though they will be to both organisations, seem to be driven by an anti-public broadcasting ideology rather than economic sense, given that the dollar amounts are proportionally not significant in the big picture of the Abbott/Hockey phantom budget crisis.

Though some National Party MPs have spoken out against these cuts, Michael McCormack, at the time of writing, has been silent on the issue.

Your colleagues know the importance of the ABC to regional and rural Australia.

Don’t you?

However, disturbed though I am by the prospect of getting my news and public affairs commentary via Rupert Murdoch and his ilk, this week I also want to comment on something else equally disturbing, which is the news that Australia has taken its stand against boat arrivals to a new level, saying it will no longer resettle asylum seekers found to be refugees by the United Nation’s refugee agency in Indonesia who registered after July 1.

There are also rumours that the decision could be wider than this (SMH, 20 November), and may be applied to all asylum seekers found to be genuine refugees recommended by UNHCR in transit countries such as Syria, Iran, Malaysia and Iraq.

But human rights advocates were appalled at the decision, questioning the real motives behind it. Refugee Council of Australia chief executive Paul Power said the decision was “absolutely outrageous.”

“This will put Indonesia under even more pressure,” he said.

It is understood Labor will be seeking answers and clarification on the impacts of the decision, whileGreens spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young, ever a gutsy spokesperson for the rights of refugees, said the decision was “narrow-minded” and “hard-hearted”.

“This is the exact opposite of what the government should be doing,” she said.

“We should be working with our neighbours, accelerating refugee processing and increasing Australia’s intake from the region so that people are given a safe way to reach protection. That’s the only way we can save lives at sea while caring for refugees.”

Elaine Pearson from Human Rights Watch said: “If Australia really cared about saving lives at sea, then it would take more people from Indonesia, not less, because it would want to prevent people taking perilous boat journeys.”

What really troubles me is that for many years the Liberal/Nationals coalition has been arguing that asylum seekers who have got as far an Indonesia should “join the queue” and apply for UN refugee status.

Now Captain Abbott’s team is contradicting itself by cutting off even this tenuous lifeline.

And to compound their sin, surely they are as aware as the rest of us, that there are no UN refugee offices in places where most of the asylum seekers are fleeing from, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Pull the other one, Mr Morrison.

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Your Stars – 26.11.14

Friday, 16 August, 2019

ARIES: Life is just so exciting at the moment and November 26-28 simply highlight this trend. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the new opportunities that come your way then; a stroke of good fortune is uplifting.
Nanjing Night Net

TAURUS: Taurean natives tend to be unsettled by their life direction, career path or interaction with an authority figure of late. However, November 26-28 allow you to have the last laugh.

GEMINI: There does not seem to be any great time depth to your goals during November 26-28, but you don’t particularly care. Gemini is out there trying different routes to success and enjoying the experience.

CANCER: Your life has taken you on paths you may not have expected of late and you need to be adaptable to achieve the best from these experiences. November 26-28 help you do so.

LEO: Your mind is fascinated by the newness of life, differing viewpoints and technical information during November 26-28. Someone in particular totally inspires you as you take this journey.

VIRGO: Virgo natives are likely to be reviewing both work and health routines during November 26-28, as a piece of information catches your attention. New understandings are reached.

LIBRA: Life is anything but normal during November 26-28, with many Librans being caught up in an exciting new relationship or business partnership. Your instincts seem to tell you this is right.

SCORPIO: Whatever Scorpio is doing during November 26-28 are just so interesting, whether you are working, attending to domestic chores or investigating health interests.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is just not interested in old boring routines and ways during November 26-28: it’s time to live. Unexpected news connected to a child or romance gets you going.

CAPRICORN: You have an excellent opportunity to manage domestic budgets and expenses during November 26-28, even though you weren’t expecting to do so. Sudden developments are likely.

AQUARIUS: Spur of the moment activities seem to fill your daily schedules during November 26-28, making for vibrant experiences. Unexpected news also comes your way.

PISCES: There seems to be extra money in your pocked during November 26-28, providing an unexpected delight for Pisces. There’s a tendency to buy on impulse then but you should think things through first.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.